crunchy tuna cat treats.

my kitty hasn’t been living with us for the past four months because our *new* 170 pound, 5 year old rescue dog tried to eat her. seriously.


the shelter he was at stated on his paperwork that he was ‘shy with other animals.’ they really didn’t provide any additional background knowledge, nor do we have any way to contact his previous owners & question them [or more so scold them for the way they raised their puppy without any socialization or training skills]. i mean after rescuing him, it’s sadly very obvious that his previous owners had done absolutely no research whatsoever on his breed and they must have assumed he was a yard dog. many people do think of saints as barn dogs. when in all actuality they cannot withstand extreme heat/weather conditions and they are very much indoor dogs who need a special diet/supplements for their joints and along with that comes a very regimented feeding schedule because of their size. anyway — we gave him the benefit of the doubt with sycamore because, to us, he is just a gigantic loving teddy bear. since bringing him home he has tried to attack one dog, our cat & consistently barks and tries to chase after people, animals or anything at all that’s alive and moving & with whom he is not familiarized. so there you have it. he’s ironically a sweetheart. .who’s a dog-aggressive, cat-aggressive, bunny-aggressive, wind-aggressive, stranger-barking block head. he literally has a block head. we rescued him six months ago and he is now six years old. being as saints only live to be 8-10, we feel that we can give rigby the best years of his life in our house. and we have all grown to love him to pieces. everyday when the kids come home from school rigby is there to greet them with his hugs. his hugs are more like. . . .him pushing his block head into our legs or butt. or for eva, the shortest of us all, her face. this post was supposed to be about the cat — i swear it will be. this dog rant is almost over. anyway, so the cat was living with a relative because she is soooo near & dear to my heart and i wanted to keep her safe. in the next couple of months we are moving into a larger house with a fenced yard and much more room which will allow for us to keep the animals better separated. i cannot wait for her to come back home for snuggles and love — and in the mean time i have been trying my best to spoil her from afar with periodic but frequent visits to shower her with attention and sweet [stinky] tuna treats like these! i modified the recipe a bit and used coconut oil in place of olive oil [because it’s healthier for cats than olive] and i actually didn’t have enough oat flour left to fill 1/2 C. so i substituted and used about 1/4 C. oat flour and 1/2 C. whole grain brown rice flour. i’m sure you can use whatever works best for your pet’s specific needs. i’ll have a moving post up soon that i have been meaning to write. you guys can find that under ‘life’ in the next couple of weeks! and rigby’s birthday pupcake post will be up in the next few weeks as well. i’m slightly backlogged on here as of late. as always, recipe link is listed below. xx.



recipe courtesy — popsugar.


happiest of birthdays, indominus rex.

sycamore, as of late, has grown very fond of me– making daily life slightly easier in our house. she still gives eva a rough time most days and she is not particularly close with nick. ms. jones has made buddies with dristyn and she is almost always willing to devote a full hour or two of her time to warm, evening snuggles with me [which i very gladly accept as it has strengthened our unique bond]. and although we are all still working together through the difficulties she has faced us with, we each share a special relationship with her. it has been a struggle for nine months, at times, to the point of nick & i having very serious conversations regarding rehoming her due to her aggressive manner and extreme behavior. . .conversations which resulted in the very harsh realization that she would likely be euthanized if given up and i did not at all have the heart to be so cruel. we had both never seen nor owned a cat that was anything like sycamore. when her first birthday rolled around on july 29, it was an incredibly large to-do in our house because i felt like i came so close to losing her over the past year. i very much felt like this was a milestone that we had reached together, she & i, and i believe we are going to be all right. her loving behavior lately has led me to believe that we can comfortably co-exist and perhaps even get along.


i wanted to celebrate her one year with homemade treats & was able to find a good recipe in the blog referenced below.




however, i was unable to find green pea flour in our local markets — so after a bit of research i opted for coconut flour in its place.






she had a monster candle because she’s been a bit of a monster from the get-go. . . .




& eva sang her happy birthday in cat language. . . .which was quite possibly the creepiest thing i had ever heard.

“meow, meow-meow, meow, meow, meoooowwww. . .

(happy) (birthday) (to) (you)

meow, meow-meow, meow, meow, meooooowwww. . . .

(happy) (birthday) (to) (you)

meow, meow-meow, meow, meow, meow, meooooooooooowwwwwww. . . .

(happy) (birthday) (dear) (sycamore|indominus rex)

meow, meow-meow, meow, meow, meoooooooowww!”

(happy) (birthday) (to) (you)


sycamore thoroughly enjoyed her treats & i think eva was even more excited about them than she was.


afterward, she went back to her lazy old[er] self —




recipe courtesy of — blunder construction.

acrocat V. problem child.

she’s a real bitch. but we love her nonetheless.


she chews up all of our things. . . .paperwork, headphones & chargers, game boxes, cords. . . .she puts holes in all of my clothes [whether it be because she clawed her nice little way up my leggings *insert massive holes here* or because i left my lace dresses & jeans to air dry and she ate through the fabric with her sharp, t-rex-esque fangs].


we cannot open the dishwasher without her jumping inside to hideout in the back.

nikki birthday 28 on 28 232

& she hangs from the banisters and ledges like a god-damn spider monkey [sadly, i have not been quick enough to catch this one with my camera yet].


i think people subconsciously choose pets who line up well with their own quirks & personality traits. & sycamore happens to be an uptight, hyper-rude. . . .well. . . .she’s just a bit of a bitch. that’s all. i think in a past life she may have been a big dog. because she’ll play fetch with us & i’ll catch her digging through the garbage. i suppose she sort of works well with me because i can be bitchy most days. usually mornings. and any day that i have to go in to my monotonous job at the office. so every single week day — excluding holidays. 🙂


acrocat IV.

it drives me bonkers when she basks atop my freshly folded clothes.


i’m not sure why my clean laundry appeals to her more than all of the throws we keep on the couch. she enjoys her cat naps in the baskets when they’re full. & more often than not, i don’t have the heart to pull her off of the warm pile.




eva likes to take sycamore into her bedroom, shut the door behind them and hold her prisoner for hours. . . .playing. the kitty seems to find comfortable places to pass the time.


sycamore plays fetch now. it’s taken a little while to teach her but was well worth the effort. sometimes she only chases it once without ever bringing it back. but there are times like today, when she repeatedly trots my way with her prize hanging out the side of her mouth and drops the little red cardinal at my feet. it’s her favourite toy.



acrocat III.

i think she’s slowly improving. her aggressive temperament lessening.


nick would so heavily disagree with me. he wants to shoot her. or let her free into the wild. smother her with a pillow. leave her inside of the dryer when she jumps in there to feel the warmth, only to be surprised by the next load. i did that to my sister’s cat once. by accident. trooper. his name was trooper. he was a lunatic. wild & crazy. i didn’t realize he was resting in the dryer when i turned it on. *tumble* *tumble* *MEOW* uh oh. i opened the door immediately and out he flew. i imagine nick would do something similar. only, he would intentionally turn it on knowing that she was inside. and he would not open the door to free her. even with all of the hatred, i think a tiny warm space in his heart for her is growing. sometimes. . . .they’re buds.





acrocat II.


cat feb 12 2015 040

after being filled with the worst sort of anticipation anxiety for one full day [yesterday] and then another day [today] spent worrying over the well-being of sycamore. . . .i could not wait to scoop her up into my arms. to reassure her and let her know that i hadn’t left her there. & that everything would be all right. only. . . .i couldn’t scoop her up in my arms. because her belly was bloated from the surgery and she was groggy & out of her god damn mind when we picked her up. eva asked why sycamore was hissing at her. i explained that she had had a really long day [kind of like the long days that we sometimes have at school or in the office] and that we would need to give her extra space tonight. prior to eva’s question, i had quite a few of my own. i asked the gentleman at reception about one million. ‘has she been fed?’ ‘did she have any water today?’ ‘what if she decides to get crazy and jump. . . .what will happen then?’ ‘huh? huh? what will happen?!’ ‘how will i know if her incision is infected?’ ‘what do i do?’ ‘help, help, help.’ the list goes on. i think i was being a helicopter mom. only. . . .this time i wasn’t hovering over humans. i was overly concerned about a furry beast that sometimes attacks me for no reason at all. surgery went well & she seems to be recovering okay as far as i can tell.

cat feb 12 2015 072

when we finally made it home & set down her deep purple carrier, she wearily stumbled out of it. she seemed incredibly wigged out [for lack of a better term] and super highly agitated. she kept looking around frantically and trying to bite when we would pet her. we tried the e-collar. two different attempts. to keep her from messing with her stitches. but in the end, sycamore prevailed and managed to slip her head out both times. on the way to the clinic, eva asked if we could stop off and find her a new toy and some treats.

cat feb 12 2015 071


cat feb 12 2015 017

i was later very thankful that i had obliged as the new feathery toy kept sycamore engaged and distracted from her wound. so much so that we had new-found feathers ripped out & strewn across the hall.

cat feb 12 2015 065


cat feb 12 2015 058


cat feb 12 2015 056


cat feb 12 2015 049

slight accommodations i have been making around the house all evening have seemed to help the transition. she gradually calmed down throughout the evening and began to rest more which has been making me feel much more at ease and less. . . .helicopter-ee.

acrocat I.

every so often, i will be resting on the sofa with a favourite throw. i have several favourites now. & there are too many of the throws in general to count. i continue collecting them because i’m always cold. and i suppose if i collect enough, one day i won’t have to feel cold anymore. so i will be lying down, resting. watching a show or eating an apple or a banana. and she’ll find her way to me. it startles me at first when she jumps atop the sofa cushion where my head lies. but then i realize it’s only her and she isn’t trying to frighten me. she purrs and moves her furry body against me so that i’ll pet her and we can snuggle. it’s short-lived. she isn’t a snuggler for long before the biting and rudeness ensues. for that short while, she’s normal. and i love the warmth. she has surgery scheduled today. just a simple spaying. though i can’t help but worry myself dreadfully ill. especially considering she hasn’t eaten since eight o’clock last night. she has been at the clinic since seven o’clock this morning. it’s lunch time now and they still haven’t quite gotten around to her yet [dogs come first]. i can imagine she’s fairly hungry and scared of the new environment. *sigh.* i keep thinking they may overlook all of the paperwork we handed over this morning and that they may double-immunize.