peanut butter apple oat crispy biscuits.

my dad called me this afternoon. turns out, his dogs fell in love with the treats i had made & so he was wanting the recipe. not only that, but he basically said he has absolutely zero free time & asked that i just start making the dogs’ treats. done. & done. <3. i love it when people are enjoying the things i am making. because i work really hard sometimes. sometimes. 


rigby eleanor quite enjoys these treats also. however, he seems to not be able to handle anything other than his fancy dog food these days. my old man. i’ve tried sweet potatoes, broccoli, chicken. . . .as well as all of the homemade dog treats. his body only appreciates the banana & oat biscuits that are listed in the archives on here. the site is sourced in that particular post & the treats are simple, yet fantastic. these biscuits are fairly basic as well. and as i always mention, if your dog has any dietary restrictions or needs something different — change out the flours or ingredients & tailor these to your pup!


here’s what i did:

3/4 C. natural//homemade peanut butter [no salt added, no anything added — aside from peanuts]

2 ripe bananas, mashed

1 1/2 C. organic apples, peeled & diced

2 free range eggs

2/3 C. almond flour//homemade or store bought — i don’t generally like to use almond flour in rigby’s dog treats. the only real reason i threw in some almond flour was because i had made some homemade in abundance for a recipe a couple of weeks ago & needed to use the remainder.

3 C. oat flour//homemade or store bought

1 C. rolled oats

preheat the oven to 350°F. combine all ingredients using the paddle attachment. you will have a thick dough after everything is mixed together. lightly sprinkle a counter top//working surface with additional oat flour. turn the dough out onto the floured surface. flour the top of the dough so that it does not stick to your rolling pin & begin gently rolling out until the thickness has reached roughly 1/2 cm or a tiny bit thicker. i used a small circular cutter to make miniature treats. which is ironic because our dog is the size of a horse. however, you can adjust based upon the sizing needs for your pooch. using the small circular cutter, i was able to cut out about 7 dozen treats [many of which went straight into the freezer for later]. if you aren’t looking to make so many, you could scale down the recipe. line a baking tray with unbleached parchment. the treats will not spread so you can fit quite a few onto one tray at a time. bake for 16-20 minutes or until the bottoms have browned & the tops are crispy with golden brown edges. if you want extra crispy biscuits, bake for a few minutes additional. allow to cool completely on a cooling rack before feeding to your dog//storing in the freezer. store in an air tight container for several days — preferably in the refrigerator. because these are organic treats, they do not last for an extended period of time if kept out. the treats should keep for 7-10 days if stored properly. i highly recommend freezing any leftovers that you will not be using for the week. enjoy! xx.


pb mint biscuits.

for the first time since august, nick gave rigby eleanor a bath today. i have done all of his other cleanings — and all but two were entirely by myself. it isn’t easy to bathe a 170 pound dog alone. in fact, i’m willing to contest it’s on the verge of being quite impossible. although, nick has contributed in many other ways — mostly ways that do not involve cleaning sky-high [raised] dog dishes, scrubbing dog-food-filled-slobber from the walls for days on end, keeping his homemade treats stocked, or washing up the couch. it’s okay. i know his love for that dog is genuine. and they are the best of friends.


rigby and i are as buddies as well. during the weekdays, we are just. . . .a lady and her dog. that’s all we are. just the two of us at home.

rigby and i bath

i’m his favorite — and he follows me around all day long until i either succumb and give him a belly rub forr-eevvv-eeeerrrr or until i sit|stand still, in which case he just sits or lies at my feet. rigby lies in front of the oven if i’m baking, in front of the sink if i am washing dishes, or in front of the refrigerator if i am cooking — making it impossible to quickly do any of these things. i can’t figure out if he sits beneath me most days in hopes of some of the baked goods falling or if it’s because he truly loves me. but i suspect it’s the first assumption. that dog is more motivated by food than i ever thought anyone could be.


for the most part, rigby solely gets rewarded with homemade treats now.

DSC_0001 baked

when we discovered that he had a much more keen sense for the DIY treats and realized that we ultimately wanted to be able to know and control which specific ingredients were in his snacks {making them healthier or tailored to his dietary needs}, i switched over completely.


here’s the latest recipe! i used what i had on hand in terms of flour but you could substitute any type of flour that’s safe for dogs. enjoy! xx.

1/2 C. coconut flour

2/3 C. brown rice flour, whole grain

2 medium ripe bananas, mashed

1 free range|cage free egg

3 heaping Tbsp. organic natural pb — make your own if you can!

1/2 C. fresh mint leaves, chopped

325° for 18 minutes on a baking sheet lined with unbleached parchment.


carob pupcakes.

rigby turned 6 on february 02. my old, slobbery man. ew. & awe.


in answer to your question, no – no, he did not like the hat. he is generally a veeeerrrryyy tolerant dog [saints as a whole|breed are, this is why most of them are excellent big teddy bears for kids!] but he pawed at this hat like i have never seen him paw before until he had achieved the unthinkable. . . .pawing it off of his big, block head. oh, rigby eleanor. . .


this made for the quickest photo op ever. only, too bad for him — i have done much quicker with the cat. she happens to be lighter & faster on her toes. thanks to all of the practice, i was able to capture these images of my sweetie.


i’ve been completely & utterly the worst about getting posts written. we did celebrate for him and with him around his birthday and i wanted to put the recipe link up in case anyone wants to bake these carob pupcakes for their pooch!


the tops didn’t come out to be very lovely. it looks like the dog actually took a tiny swirl of a peanut butter dump on each of the pupcakes. but he seriously enjoyed them. it didn’t matter that they all looked like dog poop.



they’re made using only a few simple ingredients but if your pup has any dietary restrictions be sure to double check that these things are all right for your particular canine before feeding. if you have any difficulty finding carob powder where you are, i suggest looking for it somewhere like whole foods market, trader joe’s, natural grocers, sprouts farmers market or perhaps even looking online. bob’s red mill carries one — it’s a toasted carob powder — & this is the one i’ve been using in most of rigby’s treats but you can find different brands|types.

recipe courtesy — pretty fluffy.

toasted carob biscuits.

don’t let the name mislead you. there is so much more to these biscuits than toasted carob [although i’m sure your pup would love them all the same if it were the sole ingredient].


this is the greatest chocolate alternative since dogs are never able to experience cocoa in all of its great glory. try these at home and you can use cutters to make the treats into fun shapes however you’d like. the dough turned out perfectly for me but if yours is too sticky or too dry you can always add either more pumpkin/banana or additional flour depending on your needs.


we have a 170 pound saint bernard. . . .a massive teddy bear. much less intimidating & much more lovable on the inside than what his tall, burly image may let off from the start. he adores these treats.


his favorite are still the banana oat biscuits that i have listed on the blog [i made those using a recipe from miss molly says]. definitely give these carob treats a go though and feel free to moderate based off of dietary needs of your pooch or anything else you may see to be more suitable.


1 large organic banana, mashed

1/4 C. organic pureed pumpkin

1/3 C. toasted carob powder

2 Tbsp. raw pumpkin seeds or pepitas

1/4 C. chia seeds

1 C. brown rice flour, whole grain

white chocolate chips, melted {optional}

combine all ingredients [can be easily done with the paddle attachment of a stand mixer, starting with the banana]. 15-17 minutes at 300°F. recipe will make 1 1/2 dozen biscuits of all different sizes. if you use smaller cutters than i did for a little dog, the recipe will easily yield 2+ dozen. using a piping bag & a #3 tip decorate with melted white chocolate, if desired! xx.


banana oat biscuits.

a couple of months after we adopted rigby eleanor, i started making him homemade biscuits. that’s really all he ever gets for treats now.


this recipe was promised months ago to quite a few! it’s finally here. i used a recipe from miss molly says & made a few revisions. i’m sure the recipe without any type of change is incredible. however, after doing research while making my kitten birthday treats last year, i discovered that whole wheat flour [contrary to what many people think] is not actually something which is particularly the healthiest, nor is it super easily digestible for pets. whenever making treats for my pooch or kitty now, i stick to green pea flour, coconut flour or oat flour — though there are several others which could be considered appropriate as well. coconut flour can be quite difficult to work with as it is so very dry & therefore, is not the most ideal binding agent. i have tried this recipe with solely coconut flour and it’s very hard to achieve a dough that is workable and binds together well. i typically use a mix of oat flour & coconut. or solely oat for the dough, while rolling & cutting in coconut. you can essentially do whatever you’d like — i really think the dough is quite forgiving.


cutters have become a hot topic in our home when treat baking day rolls around, especially with the kids. rigby always gets three basics — the small bone, the large bone and cats. beyond those three, the kids and i pick out cutters that are fun and suitable for the time of year. this week, he got small & large hearts [as valentine’s day is nearing] as well as large octopus biscuits! airplanes, sharks, & squirrels are quite popular and my large collection of cutters makes for endless possibilities.


the slight revisions i made are listed below and you can find miss molly’s recipe by following the link at the very bottom of this post. she has several other really neat pet recipes listed on her site! happy baking! xx.


1 free range egg

1/3 C. all natural peanut butter [make your own if you have the time!]

1 1/4 C. oat flour [brown rice flour, coconut flour, green pea flour, chickpea flour, etc.]

3/4 C. oats + additional for topping

2 large ripe mashed bananas

i roll my biscuits out to be much thinner than she does and so the baking time is cut down by about 5 minutes. be sure to use enough flour when rolling out your dough or it will certainly stick to the counter-top! i typically bake mine at 300°, as she suggests, on unbleached parchment for 15 minutes. i can get an average of 2 dozen biscuits out of this recipe, depending on how large or small my cutters are. i recommend freezing any extra biscuits or ones that you do not plan on using within a week’s time.

recipe courtesy of — miss molly says.

big-be rig-by el-ea-nor.

continuation from ‘. . south to drop off, north to pick up. . . ‘


three days before my last day with the company, i unexpectedly found the dog of my dreams. i had been looking for quite some time and the dog i originally had my eyes set on, gypsy, fell through. her foster mother just couldn’t give her up to anyone [understandably so–she was a beauty]. i came across a purebred saint at one of the local shelters [about forty-five minutes from where we live]. he was handsome! but huge and an older dog — leading me to believe he may have a tough time getting adopted. we did a meet & greet and i absolutely fell in love with him and his very loud snores.

rigby unedited 012

so there we were, two days before my last day, picking up this new family member we had gladly adopted. one hundred & seventy pounds. just a tad over one and a half of me. yikes. i’ve always wanted a saint but i never expected him to be so large.


his name is rigby. and we rescued him.

these days, he goes by rigby eleanor. a name that better suites him. i certainly didn’t want to change his name — but adding a middle wasn’t out of the question.

he snores [LOUDLY] and adores tummy rubs.

[for now] he hates his sister, sycamore jones.

he loves children.

he curls up in the oddest of positions, in the strangest of places.


he eats much less than i had anticipated.

he loves tummy rubs.

he doesn’t mind being groomed.


he has droopy eyes.

he loves tummy rubs.

he [we] like(s) to chase other dogs .

he loves tummy rubs.

he is stubborn but happy.

he likes salmon & salami [in small quantities, fed away from the table of course.]

he slobbers.

he sits.

he drools.

he loves tummy rubs.

he doesn’t mind going to see the veterinarian.

did i mention the tummy rubs? he’s a real sucker for tummy rubs.

rigby unedited 008-2

anyway — i could never have anticipated this life i am living now. spontaneity and a sense of uninhibited calmness have taken over as they very much needed to. letting go and realizing that i cannot control every single aspect of my life has left me feeling more relaxed. i expected to have a dog named gypsy once we moved into a larger house. i expected to craft immediately and to have the house sparkling, in tip-top shape everyday. i expected to have all of this free time to myself since leaving my job but instead, almost all of my energy is spent walking, snuggling with & [re]training this new pup. . . .trying to teach an old dog new tricks. it has been exhausting but at times, very rewarding and i love him to pieces. he is a whole lot of dog to love. & has the cutest droopy face i have ever seen. ♡