cinnamon swirl bread.

the day was absolutely filled. every time slot on the calendar and moment in between were [very gladly] sucked up by extracurricular activities, sporting events or classroom volunteer time. drop off at the school. grocery shopping in the morning. field trip in the early afternoon. pick up at the school. football game. ballet [which just so happened to also be parent’s night]. and then another pick up at the school. the last one of the day. phew. enough to send my head in a whirl wind of business. i realized that morning was the first time i had maybe sounded somewhat like a ‘housewife’ when i wrote to my sister frantically — ‘can’t hang out — today is field trip chaperone day — football game & then ballet (parent’s night) — AAHH! thank goodness i made a crock pot dinner this morning.’ wtf? that isn’t like me. i don’t sound like that. it just sort of spilled out. . . .’thank goodness for crock pots.’ whoa. who knew i’d be thankful for them? anyway — i had. i had made a crock pot dinner. red chili. and because of the business of the day, i did not have time to jot down everything i threw in my chili. thus no recipe for the chili. sorry. a lot of peppers and tomatoes and garlic and onion and whatever else i may have on hand that can go. however, last-minute i realized that everyone was going to want cinnamon rolls with their chili. i’m not sure if that’s a mid-west thing or a hillbilly thing or just a thing. a thing that happens all over. but i have met people who think it’s the absolute strangest combination in the world and i’ve met others who know exactly what i’m talking about and love the two together. i didn’t have time for cinnamon rolls. i just didn’t. but what i did have time for [or so i thought] were two giant loaves of homemade cinnamon swirl bread. **shouldhavejustgonewiththecinnamonrollsseriously**




have you ever made homemade bread? turns out. . . .it’s an all-day sort of endeavor. and i was a complete idiot. not only did everyone complain that there wasn’t ‘frosting like there is on cinnamon rolls’ but nobody got a slice of bread until about 9 o’clock – yes, pm. which happens to be way,Β way past our children’s bed times. earlier thatΒ day, sort of in between the bread ‘process’ i picked eva up from school, running — and covered from head to toe in flour. story of my life. i come up with grandiose plans at the very last-minute, with the best of intentions mind you — but i’m always scrambling around in a mad dash. it’s okay. because sometimes, that’s how the best things turn out to be. so here this is — the recipe is not mine. and the bread is delicious.



i would highly encourage anyone who makes this to follow her instructions at the way, way bottom of the recipe and halve the ingredients [making one loaf instead of two] unless you plan to feed an insane, starving army a whole lot of bread (or freeze a bit). it only keeps for four days. andΒ in the days to follow the baking process, we wound up making some of ours into incredible french toast. xx


recipe courtesy of — honey & jam.