classic buttery scones.

omg. omg. omg. HO — LEE — SHIT. this is the best recipe i have eeevvver used. hands down. i have never had anything turn out to be so delightful & wonderful in every single way.


these were incredible. they were light & fluffy, buttery, sweet, salty, moist, soft — everything all in one small scone. you have to, HAVE TO, HAAAVE TO try these. once again, this recipe is courtesy of jane from jane’s patisserie []. i have yet to come across one recipe on her blog that doesn’t turn out perfectly. she mentions in this entry that it’s so very important you do not over work the dough once you’ve tipped it out to finish mixing & begin cutting. i was extra delicate with the dough and only folded it a few times over to finish mixing. i really think this helped with the softness in the end so make sure you follow this tip!


i made these for mother’s day. we had planned to do afternoon tea at the boulder dushanbe teahouse but today turned out to be the second mother’s day in a row that we woke to the ground covered & trees heavily weighed down with pretty snow. instead of driving an hour to the teahouse, we decided to host. i have so many high-quality, tasty teas from san fran & different places. . . .there really wasn’t any reason to leave home. & with this [hopefullyonedayawardwinning] scones recipe in hand, i’m not sure i’ll ever visit anywhere for afternoon tea again. πŸ™‚ i made lichee black [a dessert tea], blue people ginseng oolong, organic chai & chocolate puerhΒ [which i made quite a large kettle of as i knew the chocolate would go quickly].


nick & i were floored when we tasted these.


i tried to explain to my family that i had made traditional english scones [which would not at all compare to the ruined scones they’ve tried in the states — overly full of processed chocolates, fruits, nuts & ALL completely overworked, tough & too dry to swallow without liquid to wash them down]. only. . . .here’s what happens in america when you make classic scones for your family. a couple of people get it. they enjoy the clotted cream and the jam and the whole bit.


the remaining people look at them and automatically think ‘KFC biscuits, what a delicacy!’ i’m fairly certain several people thought these were fast food biscuits sitting on a fancy platter. yeah. biscuits. nick & i laughed about it privately and didn’t say a word to them. i secretly felt embarrassed for those people.


i think my mum enjoyed herself [and the scones & tea] which is what mattered most.