orange poppy seed muffins.

it was winter time. 2012. it was nick’s birthday and i had spent hours of my evening baking him orange poppy seed muffins with a sticky orange glaze, just the way his grandmother used to bake him the orange bread. only she had put the essence in by accident, thinking it was almond. they loved it & so it stuck. it’s one of his favorites still.



i had scoured sites to find a close match to her recipe because i was unable to find the exact copy. the recipe i did find, nick had said was the closest i would be able to come. he had fallen asleep once it got too late because the kitchen was a mess and he could see that it would still be hours yet before i was finally finished. he thought i was just making a birthday cake & was oblivious to what kind.



after carefully dipping each muffin in the bowl of sweet drizzle, rounding them all off in large circles in the air to stop the coating from dripping everywhere & setting them onto the wax paper. . . .i placed one muffin — the best looking muffin — on a small saucer and dug a candle inside. i [slipped into something more comfortable *can i say that on here? yeah, i can. it’s my blog.*], lit the candle and quietly headed up the stairs to wake him. i gave him the special muffin in bed and he thought they were the greatest. it’s one of my favorite memories we share.


this year i decided to make the muffins again, alongside the individual german chocolate cakes. i went searching for the recipe but must have deleted it before our family vacation when i entirely cleaned up my e-mail. AH! i literally gave myself a stomach ache worrying over losing the recipe. it was the best recipe. i freak out over things like this — food. and recipes. and baking. recipes are my life. eventually after hours of looking, i just decided to let it go and move on, begin searching for a new recipe that would hopefully be just as close to his grandmother’s. this one certainly wasn’t.


these muffins were very dense but i did love the orange flavor throughout. i trust most of the recipes on sally’s baking addiction — they’re typically fool-proof — and i had simply just replaced the lemon with orange [using the same amount of orange zest and freshly squeezed juice in place of the lemon in the recipe]. i did not at all care for the glaze as the icing sugar was really overpowering & made the orange come through as sort of bitter. however, the glaze came from a different site.


to show you all just how irresponsible i have been with saved recipes, i did not learn my lesson the first time when deleting the original orange poppy seed e-mail and likewise, nor did i save the recipe that i used for this glaze. o. m. g. it was just icing sugar, some almond extract, orange juice and perhaps that was it. sorry to whomever may have put that simple recipe together. . . .sorry i can no longer give you credit. i did list the recipe link used for the muffins below. xx.



recipe courtesy — sally’s baking addiction.