vegan sticky buns.

these are a must-bake.



they are from minimalist baker, have a small amount of ingredients & are completely vegan which is the greatest part of all.



a fewΒ of mine collapsed in the center of the pan during baking — but it didn’t take away from the taste at all. i also rolled my rectangle out oddly and wound up with 17 rolls instead of 10 or less. they were like mini-buns which was actually better!



i actually used equal parts organic spelt flour & whole-wheat organic pastry flour. i didn’t want to mess around with unbleached all-purpose at all. they turned out deliciously. although she mentions several different flour combinations for you to try in her recipe! so. . . .what i’m saying is — do you.


i’m keeping this one super short — as my schedule, with the egg retrieval & several other appointments all falling this week, is completely & utterly full and i am running on a very small amount of sleep. the recipe link is listed below! enjoy! xx.

recipe courtesy — minimalist baker.