chocolate cherry lava cakes.

it appears this baking frenzy will never end & i am perfectly content in knowing that.


i feel like i have made so many valentine treats for the week! however, most of which were actually not for us [as is always the case when i’m baking]. i baked treats for eva’s classroom and made biscuits for rigby eleanor & tuna treats for sycamore jones. pictured below were the individual valentine’s day desserts that followed the big annual dinner we made for the kids.


these are single-serving, rich, decadent chocolate cakes that have a ganache center. the ganache is filled with a cherry & topped with cherry preserves. this is such a lovely recipe because the cake cooks thoroughly around the ganache allowing it to melt in the center.


so for valentine’s day — this is what happens. . . .i go all out. the whole shebang. our house becomes a ‘restaurant’ & we move furniture around to separate the kitchen from the dining area. we hang sheets up so that the kids can’t see what we’re making in the kitchen. . . .& i spend a few hours every year crafting menus for appetizers, dinner and dessert. the kids think it’s the most fantastic thing ever. and i think that’s absolutely why we continue. πŸ™‚ xx.

recipe courtesy — baking bites.