dristyn has been studying greece for two trimesters.


all of the kids in his social studies class had to settle on a country in which they wanted to learn about. he has had to research several different aspects of the country, communicate with the ambassador & participate in multiple projects throughout this trimester. last week, he had a large presentation. i left the office early to visit the ‘around the world food festival’ in his class.

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dristyn had to find a greek recipe a few weeks ago. the day before his presentation, i decided that the baklava he wanted to make was going to be muchΒ too time consuming & to be honest, all of the blogs i read expressed the same thing over & over again — that the phyllo dough was the biggest pain to work with. instead, we found this spice-cake-like dessert that is made for religious traditions



dristyn absolutely loved helping bake the cake & it turned out to be delicious.


by the time i left the middle school, i had a plate full of so many different samples from all of the countries. as you can see, sushi sitting next to cookies & crepes near soups, jams and tamales [yikes!].

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