mardi gras king cake.

this is laaatttee! i meant to get the actual recipe up in time for mardi gras but all i managed to do in reality was fill my IG with photographs of the cake. oh well. . . .you guys can use this next year!


so, i kind of cobbled together several different recipes to make this. i just picked whatever i liked and then threw it together. that’s the best way to be in the kitchen, right?


i really do hate the frosting on king cakes. .i felt like every time i was taking a bite, i had to remind myself ‘this is not a cinnamon roll. this is not a cinnamon roll. .’ so that i could quickly get over the lack of cream cheese frosting and try to adapt to the thin, icing sugar-ee dribbles that just don’t do it for me. aside from the frosting, i really liked the filling recipe that i found.


links to everything are at the bottom! this is a fun project to do in the kitchen with kids around mardi gras and you could try so many different variations. xx.


cake & glaze recipe courtesy — the kitchn.

filling recipe courtesy — tastebook.