no-bake samoa cheesecake.

this cheesecake was a bit much for me. and i think for most. just a heaping pile of overly-rich sugar with more sugar atop and around the extra sugar. sugar everywhere! too much. however, i must say that it was nice doing a no-bake for once. cheesecakes are a lot of work & this no-bake was soo much simpler than the ones i am used to making– phew!


my step-father was turning 60 toward the end of july [in fact, he shares a birthday with my beloved sycamore jones!] and he happens to love cheesecake. he hatesΒ ordinary cake and loves samoa cookies.


so when i found this recipe, it was quite the match meant to be made.


we sang to him & he made his birthday wish before blowing out some sweet neon-lit candles. i love celebrating birthdays. they should be the biggest deal and i love making the absolute biggest to-do of all of them. because they are all special.

recipe courtesy of — just add sprinkles.