easter fudge.

i’d like to start off by giving credit where due. this recipe is courtesy of jane [jane’s patisserie to be more specific]. a fellow blogger across the pond. she has so many incredible, delectable food items listed on her blog. . . .make sure after reading you skim through her site — http://janespatisserie.com/

the story begins with a search for clotted cream.

clotted cream

it was more like a hunt actually. a desperate attempt at finding almost the impossible. for some reason, i’m uncontrollably attracted to foreign recipes. i frequently stumble upon them while looking & to be quite honest, photos are what sell me. as it was, these two AWESOME recipes i found were from a gal living in the UK. problem 1: conversions.


not a problem at all in fact. i’m used to converting recipes over to the american system & more often than not will just measure with weight anyway to save myself the hassle.


it’s more accurate anyway.


problem 2: items needed for said desserts. this was definitely a problem. but not one i couldn’t handle. i wound up spending five hours drive time on the items i had a tough time finding. turns out, clotted cream. . . .double cream. . . .devonshire cream. . . .all of these things, yeah. they’re not american. they’re delightful. and they are very much not american. thankfully, there are a handful of places along the frontrange & further south that import british foods. i assume for people who have moved here from the UK. aaaand also for people like me. stark-raving, overachieving lunatics who set out to accomplish absolutely mad projects at the drop of a hat. i’m grateful these little import, specialty shops exist in colorado. so after finding clotted cream on friday, i had to drive to S.denver on saturday to retrieve these wonderful sticks of melty goodness known as ‘flake’ bars.

flake bar1

cadbury. another issue. especially as of late with all of the shenanigans going on with hersheys. i don’t understand. their chocolate is better in england anyway! it’s missing all of the waxy preservatives and downright shit that american candy is loaded with. i shouldn’t even get started with all of that. anyway, LEGIT cadbury. . . .it’s, right now, VERY difficult to find in the states. the closest place i found was 90 miles away. and he was nearly out. saturday morning when we phoned, he had ten flake bars. by the time i arrived, he had two bars left [i needed three for the recipe] and moments after i picked them up to place in my basket, a lovely british woman came wandering over asking for some. the owner pointed to me & told her that i had taken the last of them & said he would be lucky to get a new shipment in this upcoming friday! i stole british candy from a british woman. that’s how i felt anyway. i wanted to say [in my best british accent, which is fairly piss-poor] ‘SORRY! SORRY!’ but then i remembered how i was ultimately driving one hundred and eighty miles for two candy bars. absurd, right?

flake bar2

it didn’t stop there. we were there for flake bars, yes. . . .but left with much more. marmalade. curlywurlys. kinder hippos. more legit cadbury than we had ever hoped for. by the end of the night yesterday, i realized i had forgotten golden syrup. something that i had incorrectly assumed would be easily accessible in the states. so i had to make my own from scratch. after the golden syrup, i realized i had not picked up the chocolate orange for the chopped fudge middle layer & topping. i had seen these before here & i think even eaten one once before. after we checked three different stores, we came to the conclusion that, in the states, these orange balls are a seasonal items. mostly sold around christmas time. go figure. by that point i had completely checked out, not particularly giving a shit whether or not i had an orange ball. i settled for a dark chocolate bar with orange essence & peel from the health food store. simple. & i got along just fine with a substitution.


i was so worried that i had gone to all of this trouble to find these items & my fudge may not turn out in the end. i could certainly be so unlucky.

easter fudge1

it happened to not only turn out. . . .but it was scrumptious.

easter fudge2

utterly delicious.

easter fudge3

i don’t often eat the sweets i make but i divulged today. in everything.

easter fudge5