dark chocolate mousse.

i started making various mousse desserts when i was a teenager. the rich, velvety kind of decadent mousse that contains tiny bits of dark chocolate throughout, topped with heavy whipped cream.





i came across a recipe back in may that was posted for the cutest individual serving mousse puddings [here: janes patisserie]. ironically, she had posted this just days before i needed to come up with a birthday treat for a best friend of mine. a friend who happens to love chocolate. i fell in love with the jars|decoration & was really set on making something that had small portions already split up for everyone. i was feeling quite lazy about having to weigh all of the ingredients out and even more so lazy that i did not want to try to convert everything over. . . .i was in a bit of a time crunch when i made these and just wanted to find the simplest mousse recipe i could get my hands on [while still making it presentable!]. looking back, although the recipe i used tasted incredible. . . .i like the look of the one listed above (it had a much darker tint). anyway — the link for the recipe i did use is listed below.


recipe courtesy of — bobby flay.