favorite fudge brownies.

i made these brownies nearly six months ago. i just haven’t gotten around to putting the recipe up. brownies are the kids’ absolute favorite. however, i’m always wanting to experiment with new recipes for different things and so quite honestly, they may get homemade brownies from mom once or twice per year.


i know it’s a classic. i just have too many other interesting things to bake right now. when the kids are able to persuade me into making this decadent dessert, i have two recipes i toggle between. i have favorite cake brownies. ones that are less chocolate-ee and very cake-like. and then i have these. they’re my go-to for suuper rich, chocolate-filled, fudge-eeee brownies. these will definitely put your favorite brownies to the test. if you are not into the way sweet & salty tastes once they’ve married, i would recommend cutting the salt by at least 1/4 tsp.

so there you have it.

recipe courtesy of — the kitchen paper.