raw pistachio cookies. {gluten-free, vegan}

we are leaving for LA in just a couple of short weeks. nick has a large convention & a few conferences he will be attending for work. the sunshine is desperately needed. i am eagerly, and somewhat restlessly, awaiting its warmth. who knows how alarmingly low my vitamin D levels could be after the cluster of depressingly gloomy, snowy, sleety days we have been experiencing off & on for months here in colorado?! i swore i would take a supplement last winter but somehow it slipped my mind. this mini get-away honestly could not be coming at a better time. i want to frolic on all of the beaches along the OC area west coast in my brand new suit. bathe in the sun [with sunscreen of course], enjoy the little cottage-feeling bungalow where we’ll be staying & maybe take a drive — either down to tijuana [where our safety may be questionable] so that i can relive my glory days as a child during my first trip to mexico — or up to a couple of vineyards in the madera|fresno area. both are fabulously within driving distance. & i’m sure both would be equally as exciting. nick has been trying to talk me into a kid-less disneyland visit for months. i suppose we wouldn’t feel so guilty, being as we just stopped off at disney with the kiddos when we were coming back from hawaii in november. LA is my second favorite US city, just down the list from chicago. i love the people. i love the sunny days. the beach. the food. and everything else that the entire state of california has to offer up & down the western coast. hiking. seafood. activities. they have it all. i mean, don’t they?

i was going to have these cookies up last weekend. & as promised, but late, here they are. . .




extra delicious & full of nutrients — this recipe from Miryam Quinn Doblas, RD, is listed exactly as i found it from nuts.com. direct link listed at the bottom as always and i have included a link to Miryam’s site as well! enjoy!! xx.





  1. Place the cookie ingredients in your food processor and pulse until combined or until the mixture comes together. Place the mixture between two pieces of plastic wrap, and use a rolling pin to roll the cookie dough until it becomes about 1/2 inch thick. With a round cookie cutter, cut cookies out until you have no more dough. Set the cookies in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to harden.
  2. In the meantime, prepare the filling by placing the ingredients in the food processor and pulsing the mixture until it is nice and smooth.
  3. Take the cookies out of the freezer and scoop about 1-2 tablespoons of the filling over half of the cookies. Place another cookie on top of the filling to assemble the cookie sandwiches.
  4. Enjoy immediately or store cookies in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.


recipe courtesy —Β Miryam Quinn Doblas, RD via nuts.comΒ — Miryam’s website, eatgood4life.com, can be found by following the link provided!