carrot cupcakes.

iΒ made these for a special birthday. & also for our new neighbors that moved in several weeks ago.


i like to welcome new neighbors in our subdivision. . . .with baskets full of scrubs & soups & baked goodies. only, it usually ends with them staring at me with a dumbfounded look on their face. like i’m an alien. because people no longer do this simple gesture. a gesture that says ‘hey, glad to see some new faces. we. . . .us. . . .we’re your new neighbors as well & we’ll beΒ over here if you ever need anything.’


i took my favourite carrot cake recipe & made cupcakes with it instead of a cake. i think the carrot cake recipe is already listed in a previous post from last year but i’m going toΒ reference it below anyway. it really is the absolute best. frosting & all.

carrot cake β€”