vanilla cupcakes.

this recipe, as well as the easter fudge i posted yesterday, are courtesy of jane @Β

vanilla cpck5

although we don’t celebrate easter, i thought it would be fun to get the kids in the kitchen with me to help bake treats.

vanilla cpck3


as this was my first attempt at using tip #233 — they turned out fairly rough.

vanilla cpck2


this vanilla cake recipe is unlike any other i have used. the consistency of the cake is spongy & full of flavor. it will definitely be bookmarked as a staple in my recipe book. the only struggle i dealt withΒ was the high-altitude where i live. often times, i add a few additional tablespoons of flour to recipes to help avoid issues with rising while baking. i didn’t want to do that with these because sometimes when i add flour, it makes things dry. i wanted these just as they were meant to be. because i didn’t adjust the recipe for high-alt, the centers of the cupcakes dipped in a bit. they were cooked thoroughly & it did not particularly matter as i filled the fallen tops in with frosting. & they tasted delicious all the same.

vanilla cpck1