hot tea toddy.

i was beginning to think that i may becoming superhuman. in fact, my husband + i had a lengthy conversation just last week. we were in complete bewilderment as to why neither of us [nor our two children] had caught any colds in the past couple of years. real colds. the ones where you don’t get out of bed colds. i’m not talking the flu. because too often people mistake actual influenza for a cold. anyway, i started the conversation & it maybe sounded something like this:

you know, i haven’t been sick in years! like actually sick.

come to think of it, neither have i. it’s been a couple of years.

neither have the kids. i’m going to attribute this to all of the vitamins, garlic, antioxidants + ACV. let’s knock on some wood?

maybe we are becoming superhuman!!! **huge smile on his face**

**eye roll. laugh. eye roll.**

and then we caught something. what a disappointment. with 30 nearing, i thought it might be cool if i were actually beginning to develop an immunity to all viruses. ha! unrealistic thought, i know. but a fun thought, nevertheless. it all began with our seven year old. she came down with a cold last week. i was nurse-mom for several days while she was out from studies, tending to her every need. and then. . .lo & behold. . .(unsurprisingly) i came down with the most terrible head cold. which eventually developed into an all-over-body-hurting type of cold. coupled with a sinus infection. oh, and AF. AF decided to make an appearance the other night. so add in some slightly unbearable cramping. . . .& voila! recipe for disaster. it must have been all of those kisses she & i shared. because kisses are the cure to viruses, right? lesson learned. currently, i am still in the throes of it all & my husband is in the beginning stages. he’s in for a lovely treat **uh**. we plan on locking ourselves indoors all weekend, all four of us snuggling and caring for one another. if you must find me, i will be here at home & i will very likely be in my most comfortable sweat pants, raw honey or moroccan clay smeared all over my face, dripping runny nose, a messy bun right atop my head, drinking buckets of tea with lemon, ACV & perhaps a few hot toddies. oh and doing something called R-E-S-T-I-N-G. strange how from time to time,Β we find ourselves guilty of being so very goodΒ at pushingΒ right up to or over the limits, forgetting all about rest + relaxation that are vital for refueling the mind and body. i rarely sit. i hate naps. ask my husband. i am constantly on the go. i like. . .no, love. . .to consistently be doing something. because of these things, meditation is the most difficult practice and one of which i often have to force myself into. my hands are always working. baking. cooking. knitting. cleaning. tidying. helping the kids. then there are times when my body completely takes over and demands rest. .much as it is this week. and as sad as it may sound, i feel like sickness is the only time resting feels completely acceptable. so over the past few days (& likely over the next) i have been giving my body the rest it deserves. once we are well again we plan to book some acupuncture sessions for nick + i. and a two hour massage for myself because my neck sounds similar to popping corn when i roll it around. which i’m fairly certain is not a good sign. yoga practice has been lacking. as well as body work. and i’ll kindly take this cold as a reminder to do a better job of caring for myself as a whole.

steamy tea toddy

6 oz oolong tea {or tea of choice}, brewed + prepared

2 Tbsp raw, unfiltered {preferably local!} honey

1 1/2 oz quality whiskey

lemon slices//wedges to taste

2 apple slices

5 whole cloves

5 whole allspice

1/2 cinnamon stick

fresh nutmeg, grated – 3 pinches

properly brew tea. the brewing method, vessel & water temperature will widely depend upon which type of tea leaves you are using. put 2 Tbsp raw, unfiltered honey into the bottom of a mug, leaving the measuring spoon in the cup. slowly pour the hot tea over the spoon + honey, filling the mug. add 1 1/2 oz whiskey of choice. mix well. place apple slices and lemon wedge(s) into drink. to the mug, add: 5 whole cloves, 5 whole allspice, and 1/2 cinnamon stick. top with 3 pinches of freshly grated nutmeg. allow to sit for a few moments before consuming. get some zz’s + thank me later. xx.