vegan sticky buns.

these are a must-bake.



they are from minimalist baker, have a small amount of ingredients & are completely vegan which is the greatest part of all.



a few of mine collapsed in the center of the pan during baking — but it didn’t take away from the taste at all. i also rolled my rectangle out oddly and wound up with 17 rolls instead of 10 or less. they were like mini-buns which was actually better!



i actually used equal parts organic spelt flour & whole-wheat organic pastry flour. i didn’t want to mess around with unbleached all-purpose at all. they turned out deliciously. although she mentions several different flour combinations for you to try in her recipe! so. . . .what i’m saying is — do you.


i’m keeping this one super short — as my schedule, with the egg retrieval & several other appointments all falling this week, is completely & utterly full and i am running on a very small amount of sleep. the recipe link is listed below! enjoy! xx.

recipe courtesy — minimalist baker.


mardi gras king cake.

this is laaatttee! i meant to get the actual recipe up in time for mardi gras but all i managed to do in reality was fill my IG with photographs of the cake. oh well. . . .you guys can use this next year!


so, i kind of cobbled together several different recipes to make this. i just picked whatever i liked and then threw it together. that’s the best way to be in the kitchen, right?


i really do hate the frosting on king cakes. .i felt like every time i was taking a bite, i had to remind myself ‘this is not a cinnamon roll. this is not a cinnamon roll. .’ so that i could quickly get over the lack of cream cheese frosting and try to adapt to the thin, icing sugar-ee dribbles that just don’t do it for me. aside from the frosting, i really liked the filling recipe that i found.


links to everything are at the bottom! this is a fun project to do in the kitchen with kids around mardi gras and you could try so many different variations. xx.


cake & glaze recipe courtesy — the kitchn.

filling recipe courtesy — tastebook.

chocolate cherry lava cakes.

it appears this baking frenzy will never end & i am perfectly content in knowing that.


i feel like i have made so many valentine treats for the week! however, most of which were actually not for us [as is always the case when i’m baking]. i baked treats for eva’s classroom and made biscuits for rigby eleanor & tuna treats for sycamore jones. pictured below were the individual valentine’s day desserts that followed the big annual dinner we made for the kids.


these are single-serving, rich, decadent chocolate cakes that have a ganache center. the ganache is filled with a cherry & topped with cherry preserves. this is such a lovely recipe because the cake cooks thoroughly around the ganache allowing it to melt in the center.


so for valentine’s day — this is what happens. . . .i go all out. the whole shebang. our house becomes a ‘restaurant’ & we move furniture around to separate the kitchen from the dining area. we hang sheets up so that the kids can’t see what we’re making in the kitchen. . . .& i spend a few hours every year crafting menus for appetizers, dinner and dessert. the kids think it’s the most fantastic thing ever. and i think that’s absolutely why we continue. 🙂 xx.

recipe courtesy — baking bites.

mini meringues.

i always choose recipes based off of the images. and these tiny beauties caught my eye while i was searching for the perfect valentine’s day meringue cookies to bake for the family.


they are elegant & simple to make. .& along with a super sweet crunch they pack a serious explosion of flavor depending upon the essences you choose to use. i followed this recipe precisely as meringues are still fairly unfamiliar to me & egg whites can be tricky to work with. overall, i was incredibly pleased with the results aside from a few air bubbles.


the raspberry & vanilla were a perfect combination. xx.

recipe courtesy — food for my family.

warm fuzzies.

i had asked the teacher weeks back if i could bring treats in for the classroom party. i know homemade treats are now frowned upon [rightfully so] in nearly all of the schools so i never have the opportunity to share – which is a huuge bummer. i was so overjoyed to be able to take these in for eva’s valentine party this year!



they took soo many hours of my precious time and in the end didn’t turn out as neatly as i wanted but they tasted scrumptious. i’m not much a fan of cake pops as they are the epitome of trends but these are similar to the pops without the sticks. . . .so a cake truffle. another trend.



a few of them came out with bug eyes. . . .


and some looking a little bit creepy. . . .like this poor little fellow. . . .


most are covered in white chocolate & some dark and then all were rolled in colored coconut shavings and adorned with [FRAGILE] white chocolate antennas, candy eye balls & white chocolate [BIG] feet.




i made all different sorts of antennas. .& extras because sooo many broke during the building process.



i found this recipe on the hungry happenings blog. there is a direct link listed at the bottom of the page where you can find specific instructions for making the fuzzies. as for the cake, i used a recipe for a moist chocolate cake made with extra strong coffee using the french press and buttermilk. as listed in the fuzzy instructions, you will mix white frosting in with the cake to create the truffle batter — for the frosting i simply used some leftover white chocolate buttercream that i had on hand. i have both of those links listed below as well!

this recipe ended up being incredibly nostalgic for me as these little fuzzies remind me so much of little characters that were created by one of my best friends back in grade school. she called them koodies. i don’t remember how she spelled it exactly but i distinctly recall what they looked like. before long, our entire group of friends were drawing them. . . .doodling away in class and sharing with one another. i spent hours at home drawing the little koodies. anyway, the fuzzies are time consuming so i would suggest giving yourself a couple of hours for the cake (prep, baking, cooling) and at least a few hours for making the truffles, rolling them all out & assembling the little creatures. this is not a quick endeavor. xx.

warm fuzzy recipe courtesy — hungry happenings.

moist chocolate cake recipe courtesy — mamaFaMi.

white chocolate buttercream recipe courtesy — two peas & their pod.

whoopie pies.

these homemade whoopie pies are a fun game day treat & are fairly simple to make. the sandwich pieces are cake-like and are full of chocolate-ee goodness. i recommend using super high quality cocoa in the batter if you have access.


i made one revision to the recipe by replacing 4 oz. of the cream cheese with 4 oz. of peanut butter. for the topping decoration, you can either use melted white chocolate or some of the filling cream. initially, i used a piping bag to shape the batter into footballs before baking. however, it didn’t work as well as i had hoped. i suggest sticking to the specific instructions listed in the recipe below. xx.


recipe courtesy — the cake blog.

boozy brandy & cinnamon cider.

october hits and immediately, so do my cravings for cider and warm fresh goodies out of the oven or hot off the stove. it’s instinctual. okay, mostly it’s the weather. but that doesn’t make the cravings any less intense.


i’ve been making mulled cider since i was a tween. so i figured it high time i threw together a list of sorts for which you could perhaps base your hot pot of {hard} cider upon. this is so loose. i mean. . . .the loosest. you could add more of some things, less of others, nix ingredients, or add whatever tastes better to you. i find myself doing the exact same thing with nearly each pot as sometimes i am in the mood for sweeter or spicier. it all depends on what you are looking for. so without further adieu. this will make roughly four servings. you can double or even triple if you are needing to make cider for a large party|holidays.

boozy brandy & cinnamon cider

4 C | 1 liter unfiltered apple cider — if you can find this at a local orchard or famer’s market, even better!

1/2 C | 125 mL brandy {optional} — not only is this optional but should you choose to use alcohol as an additive in your hot cider, you could easily use bourbon, rum or whiskey if you would rather. likewise, the amount of booze is dependent upon taste. i started out using 1/4 C for this recipe & i found it to be too little.

1 Tbsp dark brown sugar, packed

wait! before you cut your orange in half : peel a few fancy twists for garnish using a zester|knife & set them aside for later. the juice of 1/2 orange, freshly squeezed

1 apple, properly washed & cut into circular slices. i prefer honeycrisp as they are sweet & delicious but again, any apple of your choice will work perfectly.

8 juniper berries

2 heads star anise

3 three-inch cinnamon sticks

5 cardamom pods, slightly crushed

1 tsp whole all spice berries

1 tsp whole cloves

combine the unfiltered cider, brown sugar, freshly squeezed orange juice & apple slices in a large stock pot over low-medium heat. as the ingredients are slowly rising in temperate, prep the mulling sachet. combine all of your spices together using cheesecloth or muslin fabric. i prefer muslin as it tends to hold things in slightly better but either will get the job done just fine. tie it off using string or baker’s twine. add the mulling sachet to the pot. bring all ingredients to a simmer for 10-15 minutes. once hot, remove from the heat & add alcohol. serve with an orange twist & cinnamon stick for garnish, if desired. xx