warm fuzzies.

i had asked the teacher weeks back if i could bring treats in for the classroom party. i know homemade treats are now frowned upon [rightfully so] in nearly all of the schools so i never have the opportunity to share – which is a huuge bummer. i was so overjoyed to be able to take these in for eva’s valentine party this year!



they took soo many hours of my precious time and in the end didn’t turn out as neatly as i wanted but they tasted scrumptious. i’m not much a fan of cake pops as they are the epitome of trends but these are similar to the pops without the sticks. . . .so a cake truffle. another trend.



a few of them came out with bug eyes. . . .


and some looking a little bit creepy. . . .like this poor little fellow. . . .


most are covered in white chocolate & some dark and then all were rolled in colored coconut shavings and adorned with [FRAGILE] white chocolate antennas, candy eye balls & white chocolate [BIG] feet.




i made all different sorts of antennas. .& extras because sooo many broke during the building process.



i found this recipe on the hungry happenings blog. there is a direct link listed at the bottom of the page where you can find specific instructions for making the fuzzies. as for the cake, i used a recipe for a moist chocolate cake made with extra strong coffee using the french press and buttermilk. as listed in the fuzzy instructions, you will mix white frosting in with the cake to create the truffle batter — for the frosting i simply used some leftover white chocolate buttercream that i had on hand. i have both of those links listed below as well!

this recipe ended up being incredibly nostalgic for me as these little fuzzies remind me so much of little characters that were created by one of my best friends back in grade school. she called them koodies. i don’t remember how she spelled it exactly but i distinctly recall what they looked like. before long, our entire group of friends were drawing them. . . .doodling away in class and sharing with one another. i spent hours at home drawing the little koodies. anyway, the fuzzies are time consuming so i would suggest giving yourself a couple of hours for the cake (prep, baking, cooling) and at least a few hours for making the truffles, rolling them all out & assembling the little creatures. this is not a quick endeavor. xx.

warm fuzzy recipe courtesy — hungry happenings.

moist chocolate cake recipe courtesy — mamaFaMi.

white chocolate buttercream recipe courtesy — two peas & their pod.