apple hand pies.

handhelds [as with any pie] can be sort of tricky if you don’t get the crust just right.




i didn’t particularly care for the crust recipe listed here [as it was SO full of butter & shortening]. it was salty and overly full of buttery flavor.


when making pies: full, bite size or handheld, i prefer to stick to two different crust recipes because they never, ever let me down. bhg if you prefer a shortening based crust: single crust can be found here, double here and simply scratch has a delicious butter based crust if you’d rather. if you are not exactly doing a full double crusted pie, but instead lattice-work or decoration on top, i recommend doing about 1 1/2 of the single recipe instead of the double crust from bhg — like so:

3 C. all-purpose flour

3/4 tsp. salt

1 C. shortening

9-11 Tbsp. water

this always works well for me when i’m making a fruit pie or don’t need the full second disc of dough for the top. now– on to this recipe!




i made these last week and to be honest, i’m going to do some more searching because this recipe failed to knock my socks off. the filling was basic but tasty. & i absolutely dug the cream atop before baking. i think it was the crust that really ruined them for me. if you plan on giving these a go, use this filling with either one of the two recipes i recommended above for dough.




recipe courtesy of — fork knife swoon.