spiced cardamom blueberry pie.

i must share first that i’m feeling a bit shocked. the lack of pie recipes on my blog is completely alarming, considering pies were sort of my gateway drug into baking. they led me to it all. and i have baked about one million. where are they all? thinking back, i realize that those pies were made during a time in my life when i was perhapsΒ only taking photos of my bakes using a blackberry flip phone. or something like that. the shame for that phone. the regret for not taking the time to photograph food & log recipes. they’re heavy. okay so i know this [winter-ee] pie should have probably been baked during a cooler, more festive season. but it honestly went just as well for a gathering with friends in the springtime as it would have in the winter. it makes a delicious after dinner dessert. this is the least sweet pie i have ever tasted and i grew a very slow, odd appreciation for the lack of sweetness with each bite. it’s full of juniper berries, cloves, star anise, orange. . . .mmmm.


i added cardamom to the dough recipe that i used for the blackberry & pear vanilla bean galette. & followed a blog Food Above Gold for the filling deets. a more direct link to her recipe is listed below.


when adding the cardamom, do it to taste — it’s all about personal preference. i think i added a heaping teaspoon to the dough recipe i linked above, similar to the teaspoon Food Above Gold added to her dough. you can mix it in the food processor with the dry ingredients first so that it is well distributed. happy pie-ing! xx.

recipe courtesy — Food Above Gold.