banana oat biscuits.

a couple of months after we adopted rigby eleanor, i started making him homemade biscuits. that’s really all he ever gets for treats now.


this recipe was promised months ago to quite a few! it’s finally here. i used a recipe from miss molly says & made a few revisions. i’m sure the recipe without any type of change is incredible. however, after doing research while making my kitten birthday treats last year, i discovered that whole wheat flour [contrary to what many people think] is not actually something which is particularly the healthiest, nor is it super easily digestible for pets. whenever making treats for my pooch or kitty now, i stick to green pea flour, coconut flour or oat flour — though there are several others which could be considered appropriate as well. coconut flour can be quite difficult to work with as it is so very dry & therefore, is not the most ideal binding agent. i have tried this recipe with solely coconut flour and it’s very hard to achieve a dough that is workable and binds together well. i typically use a mix of oat flour & coconut. or solely oat for the dough, while rolling & cutting in coconut. you can essentially do whatever you’d like — i really think the dough is quite forgiving.


cutters have become a hot topic in our home when treat baking day rolls around, especially with the kids. rigby always gets three basics — the small bone, the large bone and cats. beyond those three, the kids and i pick out cutters that are fun and suitable for the time of year. this week, he got small & large hearts [as valentine’s day is nearing] as well as large octopus biscuits! airplanes, sharks, & squirrels are quite popular and my large collection of cutters makes for endless possibilities.


the slight revisions i made are listed below and you can find miss molly’s recipe by following the link at the very bottom of this post. she has several other really neat pet recipes listed on her site! happy baking! xx.


1 free range egg

1/3 C. all natural peanut butter [make your own if you have the time!]

1 1/4 C. oat flour [brown rice flour, coconut flour, green pea flour, chickpea flour, etc.]

3/4 C. oats + additional for topping

2 large ripe mashed bananas

i roll my biscuits out to be much thinner than she does and so the baking time is cut down by about 5 minutes. be sure to use enough flour when rolling out your dough or it will certainly stick to the counter-top! i typically bake mine at 300Β°, as she suggests, on unbleached parchment for 15 minutes. i can get an average of 2 dozen biscuits out of this recipe, depending on how large or small my cutters are. i recommend freezing any extra biscuits or ones that you do not plan on using within a week’s time.

recipe courtesy of — miss molly says.