carob pupcakes.

rigby turned 6 on february 02. my old, slobbery man. ew. & awe.


in answer to your question, no – no, he did not like the hat. he is generally a veeeerrrryyy tolerant dog [saints as a whole|breed are, this is why most of them are excellent big teddy bears for kids!] but he pawed at this hat like i have never seen him paw before until he had achieved the unthinkable. . . .pawing it off of his big, block head. oh, rigby eleanor. . .


this made for the quickest photo op ever. only, too bad for him — i have done much quicker with the cat. she happens to be lighter & faster on her toes. thanks to all of the practice, i was able to capture these images of my sweetie.


i’ve been completely & utterly the worst about getting posts written. we did celebrate for him and with him around his birthday and i wanted to put the recipe link up in case anyone wants to bake these carob pupcakes for their pooch!


the tops didn’t come out to be very lovely. it looks like the dog actually took a tiny swirl of a peanut butter dump on each of the pupcakes. but he seriouslyΒ enjoyed them. it didn’t matter that they all looked like dog poop.



they’re made using only a few simple ingredients but if your pup has any dietary restrictions be sure to double check that these things are all right for your particular canineΒ before feeding. if you have any difficulty finding carob powder where you are, i suggest looking for it somewhere like whole foods market, trader joe’s, natural grocers, sprouts farmers market or perhaps even looking online. bob’s red mill carries one — it’s a toasted carob powder — & this is the one i’ve been using in most of rigby’s treats but you can find different brands|types.

recipe courtesy — pretty fluffy.