pb mint biscuits.

for the first time since august, nick gave rigby eleanor a bath today. i have done all of his other cleanings — and all but two were entirely by myself. it isn’t easy to bathe a 170 pound dog alone. in fact, i’m willing to contest it’s on the verge of being quite impossible. although, nick has contributed in many other ways — mostly ways that do not involve cleaning sky-high [raised] dog dishes, scrubbing dog-food-filled-slobber from the walls for days on end, keeping his homemade treats stocked, or washing up the couch. it’s okay. i know his love for that dog is genuine. and they are the best of friends.


rigby and i are as buddies as well. during the weekdays, we are just. . . .a lady and her dog. that’s all we are. just the two of us at home.

rigby and i bath

i’m his favorite — and he follows me around all day long until i either succumb and give him a belly rub forr-eevvv-eeeerrrr or until i sit|stand still, in which case he just sits or lies at my feet. rigby lies in front of the oven if i’m baking, in front of the sinkΒ if i am washing dishes, or in front of the refrigerator if i am cooking — making it impossible to quickly do any of these things. i can’t figure out if he sits beneath me most days in hopes of some of the baked goods falling or if it’s because he truly loves me. but i suspect it’s the first assumption. that dog is more motivated by food than i ever thought anyone could be.


for the most part, rigby solely gets rewarded with homemade treats now.

DSC_0001 baked

when we discovered that he had aΒ much more keen sense for the DIY treats and realized that we ultimately wanted to be able to know and control which specific ingredients were in his snacks {making them healthier or tailored to his dietary needs}, i switched over completely.


here’s the latest recipe! i used what i had on hand in terms of flour but you could substitute any type of flour that’s safe for dogs. enjoy! xx.

1/2 C. coconut flour

2/3 C. brown rice flour, whole grain

2 medium ripe bananas, mashed

1 free range|cage free egg

3 heaping Tbsp. organic natural pb — make your own if you can!

1/2 C. fresh mint leaves, chopped

325Β° for 18 minutes on a baking sheet lined with unbleached parchment.