toasted carob biscuits.

don’t let the name mislead you. there is so much more to these biscuits than toasted carob [although i’m sure your pup would love them all the same if it were the sole ingredient].


this is the greatest chocolate alternative since dogs are never able to experience cocoa in all of its great glory. try these at home and you can use cutters to make the treats into fun shapes however you’d like. the dough turned out perfectly for me but if yours is too sticky or too dry you can always add either more pumpkin/banana or additional flour depending on your needs.


we have a 170 pound saint bernard. . . .a massive teddy bear. much less intimidating & much more lovable on the inside than what his tall, burly imageΒ may let off from the start. he adores these treats.


his favorite are still the banana oat biscuits that i have listed on the blog [i made those using a recipe from miss molly says]. definitely give these carob treats a go though and feel free to moderateΒ based off of dietary needs of your pooch or anything else you may see to be more suitable.


1 large organic banana, mashed

1/4 C. organic pureed pumpkin

1/3 C. toasted carob powder

2 Tbsp. raw pumpkin seeds or pepitas

1/4 C. chia seeds

1 C. brown rice flour, whole grain

white chocolate chips, melted {optional}

combine all ingredients [can be easily done with the paddle attachment of a stand mixer, starting with the banana]. 15-17 minutes at 300Β°F. recipe will make 1 1/2 dozen biscuits of all different sizes. if you use smaller cutters than i did for a little dog, the recipe will easily yield 2+ dozen. using a piping bag & a #3 tip decorate with melted white chocolate, if desired! xx.