beetroot pasta with braised kale & spicy sausage.

looking back at all of the possibilities i could have chosen from for a first time experience, beetroot pasta was quite honestly probably a questionable place to start. i could have gone with spinach dough or even plain. plain pasta. how come i didn’t think to do simple & plain?



i had found a pretty incredible recipe on delicious shots and just had to test it out. peeling the beets was my least favorite part and it led to heaps of red-stained messes all over the place. since that time, i have had friends tell me that i should definitely use non-latex gloves next time. good to know. i was prepared for everything but the beet peeling, as you can so clearly see here.



i didn’t have any foil on hand and so i followed instructions online & roasted the beets at 400Β°F for about forty minutes without any foil, which worked perfectly. you can find the specific instructions i used right here.


around christmas time, my grandfather on my dad’s side had given me my great grandmother suzanna’s pasta maker [you know, from way back when] and i have been wanting to put it to use since.


i did portion my noodles out, similarly to what you will find on the delicious shots blog — as i thought this would make it easier in the end when boiling. however, after portioning i changed my mind a bit and decided to dry the noodles for a while first before cooking. having them in piles like this sort of caused me a sticky mess and i wound up having to re-roll, flatten & cut all of the noodles a second time which was quicker than untangling the piles of knotted soft dough. **oh! while i am giving you a few pointers here, or more soΒ ‘what not to do’s. . . .’ i’d like to mention that you could so easily leave the sausage out of this meal & make it vegetarian!! i almost did and actually in the end, preferred it without the meat [as i do most meals].




in this recipe from delicious shots, she explains that she had some leftover braised kale which was used for the ‘sauce’ and i don’t think anything could have paired more nicely with the noodles. it was utterly delicious. even the kids, who question out-of-the-ordinary meals full of vegetables, liked it a lot!


and voila! ‘it’s spaghetti time!’ the finished meal was absolutely delicious and i have the link for the recipe listed just below. pasta making is super time consuming but honestly, a whole lot easier than i ever imagined and in this particular recipe, she has all of the steps listed out very clearly, making it practically fool-proof [right? ;)]. it is especially simple if you have a machine to do the flattening & cutting for you so that the noodles all turn out uniform! you should certainly give this recipe a go and check out her other tasty food blog recipes while you’re at it! xx.


recipe courtesy — delicious shots.