if you recall last fall, i went out to a local farm with a good friend of mine and she & i picked vegetables like mad.


i brought home the largest head of cabbage either of us had ever laid eyes on. it was seriously three times larger than any typical head you would find in the market.



i figured it would be perfect for making krautbergers. tons of krautbergers. like so, so many i had to freeze them.


i forget now how many cups of chopped cabbage that one head made up but it was utterly ridiculous.


i was named after my great grandmother suzanna. she traveled here from germany after leaving russia and she & my great grandfather henry hardly spoke much english. heinz is my maiden name & i have grown a serious appreciation for both my middle name and my last name after learning about all of the family history and hearing stories of what an incredible woman my great grandmother was. my great, great grandmother taught her how to make krautbergers — and our entire family has been making them as far back asΒ i am able to recall. so i wanted to share these on the blog. it’s the most basic recipe. really. but it’s how they made them for years & it’s how i was taught. i know many people like to add {jalapeΓ±o} peppers and cheese to their krautbergers but i didn’t grow up eating them that way. if you enjoy other things in yours, please add to this recipe as it is only a base!

2 lb. grass-fed ground beef

1 large onion, chopped

1 head of cabbage, washed well & chopped

salt & pepper to taste [i usually wind up having to split the recipe between two med/lg stock pots because it makes so much and i use 1 tsp. sea salt & 1 tsp. coarse black pepper/pot]

dough mix — sadly, i do not have the dough recipe that my grandmother originally used. over the years, i have found one that is very suitable to what i think a krautberger should be made with. i have attached a link at the bottom of the page for my absolute favorite homemade dough recipe when making krautbergers. it is the best.

**keep in mind that the recipe yields a large amount of dough so you may want to scale it down before starting depending on how many krautbergers you plan to make.

**i highly recommend making the dough well-ahead of time before you plan on starting the krautberger mixture, as the dough takes a couple of hours.


in a large pot, brown the ground beef until cooked thoroughly. drain well. return to pan & to the beef add the chopped onion. cook 3-5 minutes more. add the chopped cabbage and stir until evenly incorporated throughout. add seasoning to taste. continue cooking for an additional 30 minutes over low-medium heat. adjust seasonings at this point if needed. roll out squares of dough & fill with a couple Tbsp. of the krautberger mixture [trying not to wet the edges of the dough].


fold up the four corners, crimp the edges together tightly, closing the pocket & forming a square. flip over into a baking dish lined with parchment paper.


at this stage you can either butter the tops, use an egg wash or simply leave them as is. i have tried everything. and they all turn out equally well.Β the ones photographed below were actually my first time using an egg wash {last fall}. they came out looking completely different and less puffy than how my krautbergers typically look. the spreading could definitely be due to my using a cookie sheet instead of a 9×13 baking dish {which was also a first & a mistake}. happy bergering! xx.

dough recipe — hot roll mix.