vegan chili with cashew [sour] cream.

i’ve been on a long-lasting vegan kick as of late. i went vegetarian for over two years. and then i had another six month period where i wasn’t eating any meat a few years ago. most of the time now, i pick at everything on my dinner plate until i have nothing left but meat and that winds up going into the garbage. i really hate it. sometimes i just crave food without the meat and without the dairy. i want to eat things without having to think disgusting thoughts like how those things probably came from a weird, sad place. the family always tells me they don’t mind when i make meat-less/dairy-less dishes — but i know otherwise. i see the kids with their weird faces when i place the meals in front of them. i make them all eat it anyway. πŸ™‚


this vegan chili is the best chili i have possibly ever tasted. ever. and the cashew [sour] cream — don’t skip that extra step! i soaked my cashews using the quick-soak method because i didn’t have an extra day to spare but if you read this ahead of time, soak them overnight.


this recipe is perfect. i did not seed the jalapeΓ±os & the chili had just the right amount of spice, even for the kids. recipe link listed below! xx.


recipe courtesy — oh she glows.